OneCoin - The members living in denial

After OneCoin lost all of the bank accounts it had via its shell companies, the inevitable consequence was that the lousy working exchange they had became even worse. In fact it might be that nobody is able to sell their coins anymore. Before the collapse there was at least a fraction of the sales executed with the cash flow OneCoin sucked from its continuous flow of new victims. Now OneCoin has no funds to keep the exchange going and the members are clearly getting agitated.

Earlier things were different. From all the commissions to the members 40 % went to mandatory coin purchasing which kept the exchange alive. - Well, barely but at least it was enough to give the members an illusion of a lousy working trading platform. 

However it doesn't matter how obvious the things are, some of the members just don't seem to get it. They are dismayed by the situation and flocking the Facebook page of OneCoin/OneLife asking why their sale orders keep on pending and expiring.

The North Korean style censorship of OneCoin's Facebook page doesn't seem to cope with the amount of messages coming in there. Here's a glimpse of them:

I decided to black out the names - at least some of them might just be pure victims of this ponzi.

Update 17 November: And now all those comments have been deleted, so maybe there's still someone working at the Sofia office.

Interesting visitors in my blog statistics

After announcing the time of death of OneCoin in Monday, the traffic to my blog peaked. - Now I know that I have to calm down onecoiners reading this: No, it doesn't mean that the increased traffic shows in my wallet. As I have said before, I'm not doing this for money. So far I have earned 0 euros from writing this blog.

During the last couple of months there has been several banks among the visitors. Lately I have also spotted some authorities referring to financial/banking regulation. As banks have been more and more alerted, so has OneCoin been struggling more and more with frozen bank accounts.

Some of the visits I'd better keep to myself. I wouldn't like to spoil any surprises that might be on their way.

But is it still at least a walker?

OneCoin's run ended, but is it still going to be at least a walker? Although the ponzi seems to have given up with banks, some of the top scammers might try to figure out alternative ways to keep their business blooming. 

It has been rumored that an elite group of onecoiners would be given permission to gather ponzi money to bank accounts that are either hold by them personally or maybe just kept as a secret from a larger audience to prevent the problem of freezing accounts. Either way I'm sure it wouldn't be even remotely efficient enough to keep this ponzi rolling or even limping.

Meanwhile the members of the ponzi are getting frustrated. Many of them were eagerly expecting October to sell their magically doubled possessions. Now, after delay after delay and much of anticipation, they have to face the fact that all the coins are worthless.
 Comments on “OneCoin lose last bank account, unable to accept wires”

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    Good work everybody who took part in this!
    I suggest we target China Union Pay next. Concentrade efforts on both Chinese Financial Fraud agencies and China Union Pay itself.
    It will be yet another blow to them when they lose the China Union Pay card.
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    How much OneCoin is paying BusinessForHome is unclear.
    Wow. I never read that 2015 article on Ted Nyuten. However, during the course of reaching out to others and having others reach out to me, as well as various anti-OneCULT groups whom I’m involved with, I received inside information from someone who worked with Nyuten who told me that he is IN FACT on OneCon payroll for EXACTLY 40,000 (whether € or $ was not specified, the term was “40K”).
    This source did not AT THAT TIME want to be known. However, I believe that he WILL soon be willing to speak to authorities as this draws to a close.
    The informant gave some VERY detailed information about Nguyen and exactly how her came to know this.
    The contract between that person and myself was initiated directly after the China arrests and after Ruja’s speaking engagement at the Event in Harbin, China, which was quietly brushed under the rug and rescheduled for Hong Kong.
    Like many of us, in sure we’ve gathered (and safely filed) more information than we could publish our know what to do with. While I believe I did “mention” that story vaguely here back in April, I never leaked the full details or a full name (which of course I won’t, unless both given the “go-ahead” by the source and being able to get it in the hands of the proper authority who will do something with it).
    Obviously, Chris Principe is a similar reptile. I hope someone will come out with evidence and proof as to the level of his financial wind fall for helping commit crime, as well.
    I’m fairly sure that Financial IT and any of Principe’s future endeavors will be well received once this begins more rapidly unfolding, unless it is a biography about his criminal involvement written behind cell walls.
    …One can hope, anyway
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    Today Bank of Africa finally took action and shut down OneCoin’s account.
    yeah, but you know it doesn’t matter that no bank will do business with onecoin!
    ken labine is just ignoring the fact that onecoin has no bank account and is gushing about how millions trust ruja ignatova because she spoke at the 4th southeast europe summit which was attended by ministers of sweden and bulgaria etc.
    hmm maybe these ministers were so impressed with ruja that they’ll ferry money personally between affiliates and the company? because banks refuse to do it!
    labine also forgets to mention that ‘the economist’ which organizes this summit has [out of embarrassment] removed any mention of the 4th southeast europe summit from it’s website.
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    China UnionPay announced in late June that the Onecoin Prepaid Card is just a prepaid card.
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    K. Chang
    loujiawei: China UnionPay announced in late June that the Onecoin Prepaid Card is just a prepaid card.
    It’s only the Onesies that ever claimed otherwise. But having it made official is very helpful.
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    There are rumors about a new bank in Georgia. But i know, there was something before with a bank from Georgia? ๐Ÿ˜€
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    Ondrej Holemy
    They can create bank account wherever they want, I believe you guys will stop them.
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    What came into my mind is that they might be criminalizing their “official OneLife distributors” by making them take money from new recruits.
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    each recruit is now accepting cash or transfers in their own bank accounts..
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    This invariably happens in the dying stages of a major ponzi / pyramid scheme.
    It’s an opportunity for those “in the know” to get rid of their holdings and make a last grab for cash, while at the same time making it difficult for any future investigations to trace the money.
    Management can deny receiving the money and very few victims can be bothered suing the upline from whom they purchased.
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    reh: each recruit is now accepting cash or transfers in their own bank accounts.
    only the thieving shameless group of top regular ponzi players in onecoin will sell their worthless coins for cash into their own accounts [the parhialas and steinkellers and wahlroos’ and zafars etc of onecoin].
    the normal investor who has been sold on the concept of onecoin, will not be able to cheat his family, friends or neighbors in this way.
    the momentum is going to drop like a brick now, unless onecoin can rustle up some shady bank which is willing to support it.
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    uh, so john reilly top onecoin recruiter, thinks getting chucked out of every bank is an honor of some sort.
    keeping his chin up and being brave a fellow he philosophized of FB:
    This is one of the truest statements I’ve ever heard. Proud to be experiencing this today with my team of pioneers. You know who you are. Get ready to change the world :
    Great ideas often receive violent opposition by mediocre minds – [Albert Einstein]
    as reilly was pretty much ‘bursting’ with pride at this point, some sharp guy stepped in and made his life easier by sticking a pin in it:
    Stupid ideas like obvious scams receive violent opposition from honest minds – [Winter is Coming]
    the news of onecoin’s last lonely bank shutting them out has made its way to many onecoin FB pages including the ‘official’ onecoin corporate pages with quips like:
    Banks are Freezing – Winter is Coming
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    there’s an odd conversation on onecoin recruiter lee oshea’s FB page.
    he says the company is going to have 50 ‘distributors’ who will be selling the education packs, rather than the company itself?
    if this is true, it would mean 50 leaders around the world opening local bank accounts and then transferring money to the central company onecoin?
    is this onecoins solution to banks cutting them off – growing many heads like a hydra?
    this is the conversation from a few hours back [ lo = lee oshea, xyz = random affiliates]
    lo : 50 new licensed distributors oh my lord. This company gets better and better.
    xyz : Life is going to get so much easier!!!
    lo : Yes it will be very effective less international transfer the better. I can’t wait to see the list and I pray that it covers the areas where are teams are located.
    xyz : Is it meant to be 50,000?
    lo : no 50 they added 0000 its 50
    xyz : Lee whats the requirement for distributor.?
    lo : This is very early news from the company i have no information about this. I also have no idea who the 50 are. Still a little early i assume we will know this week ๐Ÿ™‚
    xyz : Let see, if somthing comes up!
    xyz : List of distributors?
    xyz : Hasn’t been announced in the OLN newsletter yet.
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    These distributors will become even more seriously involved with the crime. Good luck to these distributors explaining this to the police the best possible way. ๐Ÿ˜€
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    Licensed distributors working for the company and taking money directly aren’t any IMAs anymore from legal point of view.
    They will be officially involved in the company money flow in a big way. Interesting to see, will the top leaders take a role as an official distributors, or will some lower level suckers take these jobs.
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    Ondrej Holemy
    Always low levels I presume. Coz top leaders want to have “clean hands” just to say: we have nothing in common with luring ppl into this business.
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    I hope Ken Labine and Joby Boughey take the job as an official OneCoin distributor.
    I mean.. Why not, Ken and Joby? Everything is legal and good, right? ๐Ÿ˜€
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    K. Chang
    WhistleBlowerFin: I hope Ken Labine and Joby Boughey take the job as an official OneCoin distributor.
    I mean.. Why not, Ken and Joby?
    Never. They value their “independence”! ๐Ÿ˜€
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    I really like Kenny’s last FB-post. Never thought he could be so self-reflected. ๐Ÿ˜€
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    any onecoin affiliate who opts to become a ‘distributor’ for madam ruja’s crimes has to be very very stupid.
    so many countries have issued warnings and the company is being probed by multiple regulators around the world.
    the distributor will have to register a business or use his current business to open a bank account in his country. he will become the local representative of onecoin and will be targeted by the regulators in his country.
    many countries cannot take ‘action’ against onecoin because it has no ‘official’ presence there. having a ‘licensed’ distributor makes it that much more easier for regulators to pounce.
    goodluck to the idiots who fall for ruja’s latest escape plan.
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    …What a bullshit scammy coin!
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    Why don’t they use someone with at least some credibility left in network marketing ๐Ÿ˜›
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    Watch this, Ed Ludbrook making a fool of himself:
    … because I don’t think stupid people should be allowed in OneCoin.
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    After the full cleaning of all negative comments on OneLifeOfficial Facebook page yesteday, today new angry comments from many people seem to appear in rapid phase.
    Probably a new comment cleaning operation will be soon started by OneCoin, so I took one screenshot.
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    today new angry comments from many people seem to appear in rapid phase.
    Give the poor Guy in that Sofia basement a break! It’s a hard job finding matching orders in that Excell spreadsheet..
    The sell orders are dependent on the amount of the submitted buy orders, so they will be executed when there is existing matching opposite orders.
    State-of-the-art exchange my a**….
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    Ryan Conley
    OneCoin stole thousands of dollars from me and shut down my accounts. I do hope they get shut down asap and people can get their money back.
    Wherever they go to set up bank accounts, best believe that the advocates against this crypto will be calling the banks to report the fraud they have committed.
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    the other people’s money you stole from them in other scams? too fucking bad shitbag.
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    Ryan you a crook and a scammer. I think you deserve no less, hows are your dascoin man, on the same part to destruction!
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    @Ryan Conley
    Is that why you’re now pimping Coin Leaders/DasCoin which is a OneCoin clone?
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    Maybe we concentrade on OneCoin discussion here. Ryan Con-Lie I mean Conley discussion should be on some other dicussion thread.
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    muhammad zafar the top onecoin recruiter from the UK has been AWOL from FB since the 13th, nov.
    this sudden absence is notable in light of onecoin losing all it’s bank accounts. his timeline shows he’s generally out on FB everyday crowing about onecoin which has put him at no. 8 on the list of ‘Top 200 Worldwide Earners In MLM – February 2016’ according to [the paid shill site] businessforhome.
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    This is a perfect opportunity to begin posting on Zafar’s FB Page, as some OneCULT Exposure Operatives have already begun doing.
    His downline Will become increasingly anxious to check there for updates, so it is a good platform to provide proof and evidence of the fraud.
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    The sell orders are dependent on the amount of the submitted buy orders, so they will be executed when there is existing matching opposite orders.
    Yeah. One would think you could see a list of buying orders, from which you could choose the one that suits the price you want to ask.
    Then again… It’s not in the best interest of the OneCoin ltd. to show everybody that everyone is selling and no one is buying. ๐Ÿ˜‰
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    There has never been a reason for anyone to buy coins at full price, from the back office or anywhere else.
    In the big picture, the cost to the system of absorbing the “sales” that actually do get filled is minimal, just a necessary overhead to preserve the illusion of tradability.
    The distributor biz model decentralizes the scamming and guts the Onecoin Ltd. shell of any targetable assets, leaving Diamond level affiliates to attempt to hide the money in smaller amounts.
    Whether this is reactive to the excellent work done removing OC’s banking facilities or was part of the original exit strategy is an interesting question.
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    I hate scams
    There has never been a reason for anyone to buy coins at full price, from the back office or anywhere else.
    I spoke to an affiliate and asked him why no-one was buying coins at the full price. Surely that means that the price is fake?
    His response: why would you buy at retail price when you can buy “wholesale” much cheaper?(!)
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    Zafar still holding his super saturday meetings.
    His own office is in Docklands business centre, 12 Tiller road,London E14 8PX.
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    Grange Tower Bridge Hotel,45 Prescott street.
    E1 8GP
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    WhistleBlowerFin: After the full cleaning of all negative comments on OneLifeOfficial Facebook page yesteday, today new angry comments from many people seem to appear in rapid phase.
    after weeks of inactivity, the cleaning staff on onelife FB is scrubbing with a vengeance.
    not only comments, the entire post which heralded the shifting of the backoffice exchange to xcoinx has been removed.
    after all, it’s very silly to gloat about xcoinx when affiliates cannot encash their coins there at all!
    Marianne R: So now you think noone noticed that you removed that post about exchange moving to xcoinx with all questions about pending transactions below?
    I have been selling my coins for over 1 year and did not have a piece of negative opinion about the company so far… This is very unprofessional what you did and many people could see that……
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    reported it to ref no :
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    When you buy a package with China Union Pay card from BackOffice, the payment details are following:
    ่ฎขๅ•ๆ€ป้ข: xxx
    ๅ•†ๆˆทๅ็งฐ: ๅ›ฝไป˜ๅฎไฟกๆฏ็ง‘ๆŠ€ๆœ‰้™ๅ…ฌๅธ
    ่ฎขๅ•ๅท: xxx
    ่ฎขๅ•ๆ—ฅๆœŸ: xxx
    ่ฎขๅ•่ฏดๆ˜Ž: gopay
    Total amount of order: xxx
    Business Name: Fu Baoxin State Information Technology Co., Ltd.
    Order number: xxx
    Order date: xxx
    Order Description: gopay
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    No, anjali it’s still there (check out the Chinese guy’s comment)
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    ๅ›ฝไป˜ๅฎไฟกๆฏ็ง‘ๆŠ€ๆœ‰้™ๅ…ฌๅธ is one of China’s 267 MSBs.
    China’s largest MSB is Alipay.
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    No, anjali it’s still there (check out the Chinese guy’s comment)
    To me it seems the whole Xcoinx post is hidden unless you have a direct link?
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    ๅ›ฝไป˜ๅฎไฟกๆฏ็ง‘ๆŠ€ๆœ‰้™ๅ…ฌๅธ is one of China’s 267 MSBs.
    Do you know which Office/Agency is supervising these Chinese MSBs?
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    Now the OneCoinConArtists are heading for Manila.
    “The Biggest Event” 19.12
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    K. Chang
    Feel free to send them a complaint at
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    Investigative TV report about OneCoin – released 25.10.2016 by the finnish public national broadcasting company Yle. English subtitles.
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    I like this statement from Revex.
    Onecoin&Xcoinx won’t be listed on We only support real and transparent cryptocurrencies and Exchanges
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    As for aml issues, the supervisor is People’s Bank of China.
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    tmfp: No, anjali it’s still there
    i don’t see it! and here’s another guy complaining it’s gone:
    Rรฉmy M, 7 hrs: Why was the Xcoinx post deleted? Too many complaints about not being able to sell?
    Scammers & criminels !!!
    anyways, whatever new post comes up on the official onecoin/onelife FB pages, sees a flurry of negative comments. here’s a sample from earlier today:
    – all transactions pending or expired !!! no one is able to sell !!!
    – where is justice to stop this !!!!!????
    – why all transactions are pending or expired !?
    – Reality is you won’t be able to sell your coin. No one is ready to buy faketo currency .
    – Please upgrade the exchange sell & buy system.. Thanks
    – No matter what systems, exchanges, websites or shenanigans they put out, you will never get your money back. It’s already spent.
    – Still all transactions pending or expired…Bigcoin was better i think no !?
    – anybody can tell me how can i pay from spain to buy some packages. don,t have bank details..
    – You can go to bulgaria and exchange ugly paper money to shiny beautiful coins on your screen. Also try the kebabche, its delicous local cuisine.
    – You have to give cash to your upline, because that is more efficient and faster than transferring money by bank wire (and probably also best considering your upline will not have to pay any taxes for the cash you have given him). Then your upline will send you a gift code you can use to start a position and get the tokens to mine some OneCoin.
    the people who are still joining onecoin in hordes [according to onecoin recruiters] have to be a special kind of stupid.
    recently in webinar, florian andris the top onecoin recruiter from germany said something to the effect – remove your brain and keep it in a box. the company does the thinking for you.
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    OC members bring your brains back and come out if your boxes once and for all!!! Ari Widell’s new article needs to be repeated.