OneCoin cannot be used as payment method by merchants until 2018

The Facebook postings purportedly showing off merchants accepting OneCoin as a payment method are rampant.
I’ve seen restaurants in Europe, car dealerships in Asia, take-out joints in Australia – all represented as merchants accepting OneCoin.
You as a OneCoin affiliate simply walk in, purchase whatever it is you wanted, flop down your cell phone and pay with OneCoin.
This, OneCoin investors claim, is proof that OneCoin is a legitimate cryptocurrency.
As with most things related to OneCoin, turns out it’s a bunch of baloney.
OneCoin recently launched what they’re calling a “Mobile App Builder”, or MAB for short.
MAB is very much represented as a merchant acquisition tool, however it was unclear whether or not merchants could actually accept OneCoin as payment through the app.
In an effort to get to the bottom of this, a OneCoin affiliate emailed support to find out.

Here’s the support ticket, as sent in on October 17th;
I have (at least) seven merchants who are interested in becoming a member of OneLife so I’m seriously considering to buy the Seven Code Package for MAB, and the Infinity Package as well.
Two of the merchants only want a free Rookie account, but the others are interested in buying the Tycoon Plus, Premium and Infinity.
One of them wants to go for the Supreme Package!
BUT: there is one problem.
I have studied all 11 video tutorials and passed the test with 100% score but I could not find one word about a payment function, let along the possibility to pay with OneCoins.
It goes without saying that the possibility to be paid with OneCoin without limitations by any of our 2.5 million members is a prerequisite for all these merchants to spend any money on a package.
So here are my questions:
a. How can I adapt a Mobile app with a function to let the merchants be paid in OneCoins?
b. Will there be a free transfer of OneCoins from all OneLife members to merchants, i.e. without limitations?
If there are limitations, which are they (and WHY are they there)?
support-no-merchant-payments-till-2018-onecoinThe ticket was promptly answered by OneCoin support within 24 hours;
OneCoin cannot still be used as a payment method as it is still not in public.
Once the currency is available in public, it will be officially announced to all our members.
Currently, the merchants can create their own mobile app but this does not mean that the coins are used as a payment method for the goods/ services that they offer.
The Merchants OneCoin-accepting platform is currently under development.
So there you have it. Despite all the nonsense on social media about merchants accepting OneCoin, until OneCoin goes public no merchants can accept OneCoin as a payment method.
At the recent OneCoin event in Thailand, Founder Ruja Ignatova announced OneCoin would not go public until the second quarter of 2018. That’s just under two years away.
So you’re probably wondering then, why is OneCoin permitting affiliates to spam social media with false claims of merchants accepting OneCoin as a payment method?
Well, according to OneCoin compliance, they shouldn’t be.
The latest OneCoin affiliate newsletter, sent out a few days ago, advises affiliates they are prohibited from making claims about merchants accepting OneCoin as payment.
IMAs are not allowed to promote acceptance of the OneCoin cryptocurrency by merchants as a mean of payment without prior express written consent of the Company.
ruja-ignatova-promoting-onecoin-merchant-payment-complianceTo what extent OneCoin affiliates promoting various merchants as accepting OneCoin as payment obtained written consent is unclear.
Perhaps more pressing though is why affiliates, with the permission of OneCoin, are allowed to publicly lie about merchants accepting OneCoin at all.
As per OneCoin’s own support, merchants accepting OneCoin as payment is not currently possible.
Yes OneCoin affiliates who own businesses can accept internal OneCoin transfers from other OneCoin affiliates via the OneCoin backoffice, but it’s entirely disingenuous to present this as proof of OneCoin being a legitimate payment platform.
Worse still, it’s not just OneCoin affiliates circulating gross misrepresentations about what can and can’t be done with OneCoins.
12 hours ago a Facebook account bearing the name “Ruja Ignatova – Onecoin the Future of Payments” (@OneCoinRujaIgnatova), made a post promoting Silo Sushi in Australia as a merchant that accepts OneCoin.
This is the former CEO, founder and co-owner of the OneCoin.
While it could certainly be argued that Ignatova herself doesn’t need permission as per the OneCoin newsletter, as per her own support team, what she published earlier today is a lie.
The long and the short of it?
OneCoins are still Ponzi points that retain no real-world value outside of the OneCoin business opportunity. You can’t do anything with OneCoins (other than transfer them to other OneCoin affiliates), and this appears unlikely to change till at least mid 2018.
That is of course assuming OneCoin hasn’t collapsed or been shut down by regulators in the meantime.

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    oz: MAB is very much represented as a merchant acquisition tool, however it was unclear whether or not merchants could actually accept OneCoin as payment through the app.
    onecoin has purposely been very opaque about the MAB and its ability to transfer onecoins from affiliates to merchants.
    they launched MAB and top onecoin affiliates immediately jumped on to social media claiming hundreds of merchants had joined up:
    kari wahlroos, FB, oct 9: Just saying…. I can use my Onecoins in almost 1000 shops already… Just the beginning…soon OC is accepted everywhere…
    it follows that affiliates are concluding that the MAB has made onecoin ‘usable’.
    this is a conversation on the FB page ‘Ruja Ignatova – Onecoin the Future of Payments’ a few hours ago:
    Robert D: Or answer my question! How to pay actually a restaurant with onecoins? If you do not the answer then you are a idiot!
    Don K: Robert D with mobile app
    Carolina G: Can someone explain how the sushi restaurant can accept ones??? , and us in the community can only use 1.5% of our coins, with maximum daily limits?
    Sanjay K: Use MAB there is no limitations for coin in this app
    as soon as the truth dawns that onecoins are still not usable, sales of MAB will stop, much like the onelife tablet which was launched and failed soon after.
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    So this is Ponzi money circulating between members with useless cryptocurrency until mid 2018. Why regulators hasn’t stop this???
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    Just Beautiful!
    Kari Wahlroos, You are the biggest liar of all. No responsibility at all??
    Here we have an other big liar:
    What about you CEO Pablo, are you going to stay in the background forever????
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    To prevent anybody from claiming that the first screenshot in this topic is fake, it might be a good idea to add the hyperlinks to the complete screenshots (already present in the “Is OneCoin’s merchant app a €399 white-label platform?” topic).
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    @MikeR – thank you for that 🙂
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    I would made a clarification to the sentence describing OneCoin internal transferss. My suggestion is in bold.
    Yes OneCoin affiliates who own businesses can accept internal OneCoin transfers from other OneCoin affiliates via the OneCoin backoffice [within their MLM upline or downline, and with strict daily transfer limits], but it’s entirely disingenuous to present this as proof of OneCoin being a legitimate payment platform.
    Here is the OneCoin newslettler describing the internal coin transfer and it’s limitations:
    You will be able to transfer coins once a day. Please note, that you will be unable to sell OneCoins on the Exchange platform during the same day! Additionally, bear in mind that no crossline transactions are allowed (only upline or downline).
    Each Package comes with a set limit for transferable Coins daily:
    Starter – 5;
    Trader – 10;
    Pro Trader – 10;
    Executive Trader – 10;
    Tycoon Trader – 25;
    Premium Trader – 25;
    Festival Trader – 40;
    Infinity Trader – 40;
    There has been no announced changes to this coin transfer policy.
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    The Silo Sushi comment from yesterday suggested transfers could be made outside of the direct upline and downline?
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    oz: 12 hours ago a Facebook account bearing the name “Ruja Ignatova – Onecoin the Future of Payments” (@OneCoinRujaIgnatova), made a post promoting Silo Sushi in Australia as a merchant that accepts OneCoin
    silo sushi has taken down it’s FB post which had announced that it ‘accepted’ onecoins, citing too many callers and messages.
    obviously, silo sushi ‘s lie that it accepted onecoins has been caught out and it has been exposed as a onecoin affiliate which can transfer a few coins daily upline or downline – which does not amount to ‘accepting payment in onecoin’.
    silo sushi in true ponzi-pro fashion is now deflecting questions about onecoin payments:
    Constantin A: So in the end we can buy with onecoin or not from you)))))
    Silo Sushi & Asian Foods: You will be able to use it everywhere in the future!
    really now silo sushi! talk about yourself! how can you declare onecoin will be accepted ‘everywhere in the future!’.
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    Oz: The Silo Sushi comment from yesterday suggested transfers could be made outside of the direct upline and downline?
    I suspect that was just BS. There was this kind of discussion on Silo Sushi FB page:
    Rit Kaan: How do we send coins cross boarder if we’re not in the same line? This is really exciting and just wow!!!!
    Silo Sushi & Asian Foods: You can use personalized invitation and send coins for now 🙂
    Silo Sushi & Asian Foods: Go profile and you will see.
    After this someone said that he/she can’t find this kind of option to transfer coins and needs clarification. And shortly after all these comments seem to be removed from the Silo Sushi FB page and infact the whole FB post.
    And this appearead instead:
    Sorry guys, I had to remove previous ad about OneCoin due to sooo many enquiries by messages and phone calls from all over the world.
    I will explain to you when you come to my shop personally otherwise I can’t serve customers properly.
    Thank you for your interest and talk to you soon!
    I suspect it was just BS what Silo Sushi claimed that it would be possible to transfer coins outside upline/downline.
    It’s clearly stated by OneCoin itself that only upline/downline transfers are possible.
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    The new way?
    ONE Money Team of to HANOI oct. 23
    Here you are prompted to sign up before you come.
    Please sign up to free onecoin account before you come to Event oct 23. Hooked…
    Peter Shaw i recon, but who are the others?
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    So if I get it right:
    You own a business and buy an “app” that you have to develop yourself for about 1000 EUR.
    You invest that money hoping that one day you can use it.
    After building the app, you will have to wait 2 “to use it” (I highly doubt that).
    As everybody knows, mobile apps develop at fast speed so making one now for the future is nonsense.
    What’s also nonsense is everything with onescam anyways… so what did you expect 🙂
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    Am I or am I not mistaken that OneCoin representatives in Bangkok event said that there are already 500 merchants accepting OneCoin? (Of course it was never true but apparently the top leadership can say so.)
    And didn’t Kari Wahlroos himself say that “he can use his Onecoins in almost 1000 shops already”? (Obviously it has been a lie all this time but nevertheless he said so, against the company official stand on whether or not the coins can be used as a payment method.)
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    i miss the days when onecoin idiots like ken labine trotted out half assed arguments in support of onecoin. at least he honestly believed in onecoin, enough to try.
    now he has the glazed indifference of a seasoned ponzi pusher – show me the money and i don’t care.
    with no explanations forthcoming from either corporate or top recruiters to questions posed publicly, some signs of paranoia can be seen in affiliates – blame the bloggers, blame the bitcoiners, blame the haters, blame the googlers, and now even Blame Google:
    Inge Beernaert, FB, 3hrs:
    Google is manipulated, and youtube also.
    Just do a simple test to be sure! Get yahoo as your search engine and write the search term ‘Onecoin’.
    Not a single bad word about OneCoin in the first part of the links.
    Ripple is owned by google so they are using the scam sites to hold back the Onecoin development.
    who or what else is left to blame? google is helping hillary clinton win so that she can launch a secret CIA mission to snuffle onecoin? james bond secretly impregnated ruja to cause onecoin’s collapse? pablo munoz is satoshi nakomoto in disguise, come to kill his arch rival?
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    Here is the OneCoin newslettler describing the internal coin transfer and it’s limitations:
    [newsletter text]
    There has been no announced changes to this coin transfer policy.
    The rules have not changed indeed. This is the current text of the FAQ (visible after logging in):
    Can OneCoins be transferred among members?
    OneCoins can be transferred among members. You are able to transfer OneCoins once per day. The limits are as follows: * Starter -> 5 * Trader/ Pro Trader/ Executive Trader -> 10 * Tycoon Trader/ Tycoon Plus/ Premium Trader -> 25 * Festival/ Infinity/ Infinity +/ Ultimate -> 40
    It is important to note that you can send and receive OneCoins to and from all Members in your Downline and your Sponsors in your upline only. Crossline transactions are not allowed (only upline or downline).
    Please keep in mind that if you transfer OneCoins from one account to another, your “Ask” button will be disabled for the next 24 hours.
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    Will sell one piece of sushi for 40 onecoins.
    Not that I value onecoins just funny to have some and that sushi piece kind of went bad, selling as is, free worldwide economy shipping included. Contact me.
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    At 40 coin max per member..
    How much is that worth inside of onecoin itself?
    we know its not worth anything outside of onecoin.
    Sounds like onecoin looks more like crap no matter how they try to hide it.
    Bitcoin has nothing to worry about for a long time to come.
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    John Doh
    Can anyone tell me is the sushi is even worth a OneCoin in the first place?
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    Terrence B: Bitcoin has nothing to worry about for a long time to come.
    If in theory OneCoin was real, there still wouldn’t be anything to worry about. On the contrary there would be much less to worry about if OneCoin was a real crpytocurrency and not a big MLM scam.
    Unfortunately it’s not real, and it uses Bitcoin’s reputation to lure in non-technically aware people.
    I mean the company consists totally of top MLM marketers, different level MLM leaders and starting MLM marketers, and unsuspecting home investors.
    The technological side is a joke. They buy all the more complex tech from 3rd parties, like OneCoinCloud from pCloud and MAB from Siberian.
    No CTO, no any kind of expertiese in blockchain/cryptocurrency. Nobody according to LinkedIn works with cryptocurrency or blockchains at OneCoin.
    Couple of web-devs is the only tech they really have, and it’s not very impressive either. They make sometimes almost professionally looking marketing videos for casual eye, but in reality those are also done cheaply by buying ready made clips from video clip and image services.
    Some convicted fraudster like McMurrain telling people in a YouTube video how OneCoin is not a ponzi. Jeez.
    The whole OneLife/OneCoin scheme is ridiculous, horrible, funny, idiotic, frustrating, fascinating, blood boiling, unique, relatively new and quite succesfull scam for diligent MLM marketers and extremely succesfull scam for the top names.
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    I have tried to make a summary of the statements which have been made concerning the date from which merchants can accept OneCoins by means of the Mobile App.
    Aron Steinkeller, Bangkok 1 October 2016
    Point of time 1:24:23 –
    Everybody of the Diamond promise that they will go and bring at least one of those 5.500 pack with 7 applications into the market, because the merchants what will use the coin, this is the solution for all our million coins in our pocket.
    This is the solution that the coin starts to grow to become strong and liquid enough.
    Stephan Steinkeller, Bangkok 1 October 2016
    NB: he talks like a 45 RPM record played at 33 RPM 😀
    Point of time 1:28:09 –
    We will later on speak a bit about what will be the next step, because the next step comes in a few months. We are creating a platform that will do all the calculation okay, because in future we will go to pay with OneCoins to all our merchants.
    Point of time 1:35:08 –
    All these applications, in the second step, they will be connected on one big pool, in one big pool, and everywhere worldwide millions of merchants will be created.
    Now, let’s go one step ahead, right now we build the applications and in a few months we will have the opportunity to introduce to the application a so-called partial payment in OneCoins.
    I make an example, if I go now to a Ferrari shop house they probably say “No, I don’t accept 100% in OneCoins right now”, but what if I can bring through the application to the different merchants many more customer, will they accept a payment of maybe 10% or 20% in OneCoins?
    Of course they will, it’s the same thing like [etc …]
    “Dr” Ruja, Bangkok 1 October 2016
    Point of time 2:46:20 –
    So we will offer to them this new application builder. A small shop can build its own application, enter the virtual world, and then, at one point of time, take OneCoin as a prefered payment system.
    Point of time 2:50:45 –
    The second thing why OneCoin is so attractive to merchants, it has no costs for the merchant to take OneCoin. So in the first year we will not charge any costs to merchants to take in OneCoins.
    Point of time 3:01:38 –
    Our new blockchain will mine 50.000 coins per minute and we plan to go public with the coin the second quarter of 2018. Then OneCoin will go to the whole world without any limitations.
    Staffan Liback – MAB presentation
    Point of time 4:12 –
    Why am I so excited about this, I keep on saying this yes. Because not only is this a good product for OneCoin and one day be able to use the coin in the merchant and so on ..,
    So we have “in a few months”, “in future”, “at one point of time”, “one day”.
    I have no idea what they will come up with, and when. But I’m sure there will be very rigid limits, because as soon as it will be possible to transfer coins to any OneLife member without limitations, the system will collapse.
    By this I mean that the majority of merchants won’t accept the fake price which is determined by Ruja, but much lower rates. This would be disastrous for the trust in the system.