OneLife (formerly called OneCoin) is the largest PONZIE SCHEME in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD, operating globally, dealing in a bogus cryptocurrency, and raking in billions of euros within just a couple of years from unsuspecting, uninformed and grossly misinformed people, lower income brackets to those who mortgage their homes to put up tens or hundreds of thousands of euros to invest
in non-existent OneCoins! It is clear with all the
occultic imagery and symbolism, utilized and highly
pernicious ploys practised that Ruja Ignatova is a witch, and that OneLife is really a cult, that blinds and binds its victims! If you try and convince anyone in OneLife that this is a scam, they will defend it with their last breath, as they are sucked dry, relinquishing their last penny! This is the phenomenon we have been witnessing: a sheer brainwashing and wiping their slate of their mind totally from critical thinking! Anyone who asks valid, hardball questions is immediately ousted from their Team Whatsapp Group or kicked out of meetings! They don't want any discerning individual in OneLife!

Behind OneLife is none other than the mob, which comprises the "Management" Team and "Top Leaders" who were all paid big money to come in and promote this quasi-business. They are egregious, aggressive, dangerous, ruthless, unconscionable and extremely heartless! Every piece of information they propogate is a bald-faced lie; albeit, they sprinkle some truth in about cryptocurrencies, in general, so that less vigilant members do not decipher the lies from the general truth about cryptocurrencies. But fact of the matter is: they have NO cryptocurrency whatsoever and NO blockchain technology! They are just SCATHING CROOKS, who are all about fleecing people dry with every penny they have!
OneCoin does not have an open source code (but closed); they are not on any which exchange (a decentralized one, that is), but rather on their own internal one (which means nothing), and even there, you cannot sell OneCoins (except for maybe a few on any given day, if you are lucky [no exaggeration]! They are not audited by any which firm (although they lied about that, too); and they do not mine any coins whatsoever (although they pretend to)! It is all one big ponzie pyramid, raking in more and more money, bringing in more members in record time than any other company in history! To date, they have raked in up to 5B Euros within only a couple of years.
These mobsters are high up, very well connected, crass and crude, and do not care one iota for the rule of law! As soon as an investigation begins in a country, they scram like the dickens, and move on to the next! They like to choose now countries where English is not the mother tongue, as most of the proof against this scam is all in English, and they do not want people to become informed and educated. They just want to extort as much money from as many people as possible the whole world over before they scram into non-existence! They are totally illegitimate, seething liars, con-artists and shysters!
They lied about their CEO, "Dr Ruja Ignatova" being a Cryptocurrency Expert, who hasn't the foggiest notion about what constitutes a real cryptocurrency! They lie about her having written 3 books (all the same book in different languages) about cryptocurrency, which she plagiarized  word for word from beginning to the end!
The Corporate mobsters lied about Forbes having done a Cover Story on her when she was never even on the cover; it was merely a paid advertorial, which happened to be on the second page (misadvertising)! This trick they also played with the Financial IT Magazine, where she actually DID get slipped on the cover, but that was only on a PAID edition, and guess what?.... - That February 2016 edition was IDENTICAL to the January 2016 edition, only the February edition had Ruja's face on it , so it was NOT EVEN a SEPARATE NEW edition, but only a PAID RENDITION of the PREVIOUS MONTH. meaning only if you pay $19 can you get a copy; otherwise, it is not listed as a regular monthly edition! Yet, still, this Corporate Mob Team uses this as some badge of honour, to try and convince unsuspecting folks that "Dr Ruja" is a credible, well respected expert in the world of cryptocurrency, so that they can continue fooling more people and suckering them in to send their money and pay into the system, getting more and more new sign ups to join in the ponzie scheme!
Guaranteed, this will end in the Corporate Mobsters skipping ship with billions of dollars, from their rented office space in Sofia, Bulgaria, which they pitched as a tent to give a comfort level for their blind members to think: "Look! They're transparent, a real  company, and are here to stay!" - Not in the least! I have seen this time and again, and everything I see here is a recipe for disaster, and spells a huge catastrophe that will end up in financial devastation and total ruin for many members and their families, including murders and suicides, as people are throwing in literally life savings  and full net worth often into this most wicked scam!
They operate wherever they can get away with it, and as soon as they feel the heat, they easily skip to the next country, always putting out in front their bogus scam-leaders to do hyped up events, who show their bogusly earned money from their back offices in this bogus opportunity in order for people to think they, too, can earn this kind of money!.... But they don't realize they were paid $1M to join them in scamming others, with one leg already built out for them, so it is all contrived, all bogus, and is all lies!
Juha Parhiala is the mob boss, and not at all the #1 income earner in  the network marketing industry, as is purported! That is sheer disinformation they put out! He owns 10-15% of the Company (along with Pehr Karlsson), but this is hidden from everyone! He closed down his OneAcademy in Bangkog, Thailand to open one up now in Cambodia! They just keep skipping country after country whenever the heat gets too hot and move on to the next country and scam them there with no end in sight!
Fraudster management teams of other network marketing companies rolled over into OneCoin as they were dying a slow death, and were going under, so they, too, were paid big money to join OneCoin, like OPN, Conligus & Unilever. OnecCoin (now OneLife), though, uses that fact as evidence of how popular they are, and what a lucrative compensation plan they have that these other companies came on board to join them - in order to try and convince people this is the most happening thing in the world of MLM and Cryptocurrency - yet all these are only false impressions, carefully crafted via image management by unscrupulous gangsters, who lie, without batting an eyelid!
OneLife is a metastatic cancer, spreading worldwide to attract all the uneducated and uninformed people, who are out to make a quick buck during a global economic crisis, as this is a very new field that virtually no one understands yet well!Only the super savvy and highly intellectualized technocrats, geeks, and serious researchers really understand what cryptocurrency is.. Apart from that, people are simply not informed at all about them so just believe the hype, marketing and PR campaign of this image perception machine behind OneLife!
The OneLife Management will pull out and capitulate very soon, taking their billions with them, and their defence will be: "OneCoin did not receive ANY money at all in their name; so let people approach IMS"  about a refund, and "no one forced you to join", and "those are the risks you understood and took"! With their money being offshore, and this all being the case, they expect that law enforcement agencies, will not be able to do anything as the law never favours the foolish, and only the foolish invest in OneCoin, who do not question a single solitary thing! Therefore, the market must enlighten the people to not fall hook, line and sinker into this huge mega-scam in order for people to not lose their life savings during this global economic depression ensuing, when they will have absolutely nothing to fall back on! This is why I, as a Defender of Human Rights WORLDWIDE and other Consumer Advocacy Groups and Researchers, Cryptocurrency Experts and Technologists are seriously getting the word out in a supreme effort to expose this scam!

Please help arrest, halt and freeze these gangsters in action worldwide to protect innocent victims from losing their life savings, who will, without a doubt, experience sheer devastation and financial ruin in record time with the OneCoin NoCoin Ponzie Mega Scam proliferating worldwide at lightning speed! I assure you: this is a cult, not just a scam, where witchcraft is being executed and occult symbolism is prevalent. Please see my page for more information: .
We call upon the House of Commons to intercede with relevant Law Enforcement Officials, Whitehall, Scotland Yard, Interpol, and other respective Agencies to stop OneLife from operating in the UK and worldwide!
We call upon you to arrest the entire "Management" Team and "Top Leaders & Promoters" who must be stopped dead in their tracks sooner rather than later! Several investigations are going on in various countries simultaneously as we speak! Law enforcement needs to care enough, and do their job as it is clear that they bribed the authorities in Bulgaria, and are working together with them as accomplices in drug trafficking, money laundering and extortion, which is where OneLife's global headquarters is (even though they don't operate in Bulgaria)!

Please help stop this mega scam and cult! This will seriously damage, hurt and devastate millions of people globally, as already there are over  2 million members (most of them totally clueless and oblivious, misinformed, uneducated and unsuspecting and now brainwashed and brain-dead), and they have succeeded already in extorting approximately 5B Euros, it is estimated in barely 2 years!
STOP THEM NOW! THEY HAVE NO BASIS, FOUNDATION OR JUSTIFICATION TO BE OPERATING A BUSINESS! They have no Corporate bank account, do not abide by the rule of law, mercilessly con nations of people, extorting billions from literally millions of people as fast as they possibly can then will disappear overnight with no money in their wake and an alibi that the members trusted them of their own free volition, and did not do their due diligence, and will come up with some force majure contrived occurence and excuse as to what happened (eg. their servers crashed or were hacked into or whatever it be), and no agency will be able to help all those who became financially ruined as there will be nothing in the name of OneLife and all funds are whisked quickly offshore!

NOW you can HELP!
Kindest Thanks!
On behalf of the people of the world & those OneLife members, who are not in their right minde, and not enlightened enough to ask the right questions & discern the truth for themselves

Angelina Lazar
Ex-OneCoiner & Fromer Top Presenter in Dubai
Founder & Leader, TEAM CHARISMA
Defender of Human Rights & Peacemaker
W O R L D W I D E .